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  1. Earth Covered HouseTERRA-DOME   It would seem to me that a true earth covered house would require a very strong framework to make safe living conditions - the system promoted here appears to fulfill that requirement.

    ►The Possibilities of the Terra-Dome building system are endless. The Terra-Dome building system is a forming system that helps create a concrete steel reinforced structure in modular form of 24ft x 24ft or 28ft x 28ft (inside measurement). These modules are poured on location and can be arranged in a multitude of configurations. The Terra-Dome module is used for earth-sheltered structures in most cases. The benefit Terra-Dome has over all its competitors is that its modular forming system has conventional vertical walls with a dome ceiling. This configuration creates many advantages including: Freedom of design (no support walls or posts within module), Strength factor (20 times stronger than a flat roof), Open airy feeling (vaulted ceiling at no additional costs), Expeditious (1 module may be poured every 2-3 days). Terra-Dome Corporation offers a structure that is superior to the conventional construction techniques at the same cost and in some cases at lower initial costs. The Terra-Dome structure continues its savings year after year and for generations to come due to the durable materials used in its construction and in utilizing the benefits of the earth. Design and construction services are available through Terra-Dome to create and build any design imaginable (contemporary, traditional, Spanish, country, etc.). Let Terra-Dome make your dreams become reality.◄
  2. Polyhedron House COMPACT POLYHEDRON HOUSE   This is a very beautiful example of what can be accomplished using a non-traditional geometric design. A lot of planning and ingenuity had to go into this project. As the title says: "It's Modern, Quaint, & Eco-Friendly".

    ►This eco-friendly, stand-alone, and unconventional polyhedron shape home is located in Bogota, Columbia. It has one large window at the front which consumes an entire side of the house, and as well opens out to a deck and garden. The most innovative design of the home is the use of the interior which makes very efficient use of space.

    Designed by architects Alberto Gonzalez & Manuel Villa is a compact house that you wouldn't expect to see on your stroll through the suburbs of Bogota, Colombia. This unusual house stands out for its unconventional shape and contemporary take on family living. The compact house design features a polyhedron shape, clad in a black exterior with a huge window taking up an entire side of the house. As if the structure was cut open on one side, the window opens onto a spacious deck and grassy garden. Additional windows and a skylight flood the interior with natural light and passively ventilate. Inside, this compact design makes the most of its limited footprint with an efficient use of space, and extends to an outdoor living room to really stretch the home's square footage to the max.◄
  3. Micro DwellingN55   This outfit is the same group that created the "Walking House". This creation pictured on the right is a little more practical in my opinion. Update: These people are always doing things and it is worth your time and effort to browse their website to check on their new projects they are working on. They have some cool new stuff - click on their "news" and "manuals" link.

    ►MICRO DWELLINGS is a system for making low cost dwellings of variable sizes for any number of persons. It consists of movable housing modules that can form different configurations on land, on water and under water. The system allows for a diversity of materials as well as changes and adaptations. The MICRO DWELLINGS are modular, can be scaled up and down, and expand and grow together with other systems into small communities. The MICRO DWELLINGS can be built onto rooftops of existing buildings or be suspended from a bridge or a wall. The modules can be mounted on wheels to become mobile or be connected to form floating constructions. As is the case with the version shown in this manual, they can also be made as watertight, amphibian houses that can be completely submerged or partly elevated to the water surface. Most functions will be built into walls, and furniture, household equipment etc. will be provided by movable elements that change functions during the day. Supply modules can be mounted on the outside of the main modules. The MICRO DWELLINGS are able to reflect changes in life, e.g. people moving in and out, the arrival of children, etc, as it is easy to add to the construction in stages. If people want to live together they can simply let their dwellings grow together, likewise, it is easy to separate modules and move them if desirable. The MICRO DWELLINGS in themselves do not define a social constellation, but only provide the basic equipment so that persons can configure their own social setting. The present version of the system is made of cheap steel plates and can be constructed by anybody who knows how to weld.◄
  4. EskimohutSAMI HUT   This is another cool project from This man did a great job of explaining how to build this neat little hut out of used lumber.

    ►This is a description with pics of how i built my Sami Hut (Eskimo Hut) in wood. As i made it from reprocessed wood from torn down houses and other buildings this is a totally green project. Tools/materials you need are: A hammer, saw, drill, spirit level, nails, tar paper, wood and a lot of patience! What this hut has as a raw model is the hut that our Swedish indigenous people called Sami, have built and used for many centuries. This type of building is/was also (to some degree) used by the Inuit, Aleut and Yupik peoples. As a non-American/English speaker, i use the metric system, so i had to use an online converter to be able to present the measurements in inches.◄
  5. All Wall Systems ALLWALL SYSTEMS   The chart on the right shows how the AllWALL SYSTEM out-performs the ICF building system.

    ►We provide the concrete walls for the most energy efficient homes that can be built. We are better than ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) construction, framed construction and SIP construction methods in that we offer more total benefits that they can't offer such as: Mold resistance, noncombustible, nonflammable, hurricane and tornado resistance, and the most energy savings of any other method of construction.◄
  6. AllWall System RENEE PECK   He talks about the "AllWall System" a system which integrates concrete, light-gauge steel and insulated foam into a patented panel system. It forms very strong building panels.

    ►The system, invented by Florida engineer John Griffin, joins facing panels of fiber cement board with light gauge-steel C-braces; between the boards is a core of foam board. The panels can be built on or off site. Once in place, they are threaded horizontally with lengths of steel rebar, then filled with wet concrete poured from the top. It's a system anyone can manufacture or install, Griffin said. The components — concrete board, steel studs, foam board — are universally available. There's no special-mix concrete, no thinking. It's basically a stay-in-place concrete form with insulation. He devised the system, he says, after years of working in steel and concrete construction along the Florida coast, where we never knew that 88 percent of homes in the rest of the world are wood. I'm from the concrete world. And I woke up at 2 AM one morning, and saw the whole thing in my head — the C studs faced together, how to fill it with concrete, place the rebar, Griffin said. I wrote down what I felt I could give to the world. I can train you to make the panels in less than two hours, though I'll tell you four hours so we can shoot the breeze for a while. And I can teach you to install the panels in less than an hour. His AllWall training and licensing course runs $2,000. He has licensed installers in Florida, New Mexico, Alabama and Kentucky. The cost of professional installation runs about $10.50 a square foot, while do-it-yourselfers can build and install the panels at a materials-only cost of about $7.75 per square foot.◄
  7. HexdomeTHE INSTITUTE FOR PLANETARY RENEWAL   This site whether or not you agree with the owners premise, has a good system for building housing using their low cost techniques. Very interesting site. I did find one date: Last update: 9/26/96. But still a lot of good information.

    Cigarettes My Man ►If we are to create a Paradise on Earth we will have to change the way we live with ourselves. In developed countries, the high cost of living requires that we earn lots of money. If we work hard and earn a lot, then something must be produced with that effort.If goods are produced, they must be consumed or else we will have no work. If they are consumed, natural resources must be used.If natural resources are used excessively and not recycled, as they presently are, then the earth is wasted. Therefore a high standard of living, based upon mass consumption and minimal recycling (our present design) inevitably leads to the destruction of the ecosystems that we rely upon for our survival. If undeveloped countries follow our path, the destruction of the ecosystems we depend upon is assured. If we can eliminate the high cost of living, then we can live more sensibly on the Earth. In the past, a simpler lifestyle meant a low quality of life, but does it really have to be? We believe not. We believe that it is possible to substantially INCREASE our quality of life and our material comforts by applying better design principles to solve the needs of housing, energy, food, and other necessities and comforts. We do not have to suffer. In fact, we are suffering now much more than we need to because of the poor designs of our civilization.►
  8. Orange-Peel HouseORANGE-PEEL HOUSE   This is an idea. Someone out there could remanufacture these units, get them back on the market, not using my money.

    ►Developed in Germany, a portable shelter for camping or trailer travel looks like a gigantic orange — and peels apart almost like one. The parts of the shelter are shaped like the segments of an orange. One person can fasten the segments together in 15 minutes. The parts of the shelter including the floor are made of plywood. The parts can be disassembled and placed into a small trailer for relocation to another camp spot.◄
  9. Round House THE LOGAN ROUND HOUSE   Located in the state of Ohio this is an example of what you can do with concrete in the form of a round house. Those of you interested in building a round house out of concrete will appreciate this website to give you some ideas for completing your project.

    ►I had heard rumors of a building in Logan shaped like a giant golf ball, but I wasn't sure if it qualified as "forgotten" in any way or not, or if it was perhaps part of a miniature golf place or something like that. Then one day I stumbled upon it while trying to find a canoe rental place after a night in a Hocking Hills cabin. As you can see, it's a bizarre building. It's also completely abandoned. The thing is about two stories tall, made entirely of poured concrete, and completely spherical above a rectangular foundation. I had no idea at all what it was once used for. My best guess would have had to be some kind of sports-related thing, maybe a golf supply place. But my guess was way off, as I found out much later. My information came to me indirectly from the son of the guy who built the round house—a guy named Stewart. Locals referred to the house as "Stewart's Folly" because it took so much effort to build, and was apparently so uselessly bizarre. But Mr. Stewart had a use in mind when he designed the place. The round house was intended as the prototype for a new, highly durable type of housing which would in theory be sold along hurricane-prone coasts and through Tornado Alley. Because of its lack of corners or flat exterior surfaces, the wind resistance on the building is almost nil, making it ideal for parts of the country where high winds cause problems for homeowners. The basic shell is also fireproof, as were the original Lexan windows, though the interior could burn. And it came with special fire escape plans that involved sliding through escape hatches and windows onto a rear scaffolding.The house was begun in 1971 and finally completed in 1973. The shell was poured using a special homemade elevator system which involved the axle and wheel from a car. Two wooden shells were built—inside and out—and the concrete was poured in from the top. It hardened, the molds were removed, and the main part of the structure was done, with walls five inches thick on the sphere and eight inches thick at the base. From there they built the interior: two floors on top, complete with a porch, and a basement with a built-in garage.◄
  10. Dodecahedron HouseBARIER HOUSE   This building design called by it's developer "Soccer Ball shaped Houses". Another view of the house being constructed click here.

    Actually, this very practical house is made in Japan and can be delivered to it's home site by helicopter or by more conventional means. I do believe a Japanese company actually sells these in Japan. A dodecahedron shape has 12 faces (sides), 30 edges, & 20 vertices's. The website is in the Japanese language, even if you do not understand the Japanese language click around the Japanese language site and you can see the different projects this skillful man has developed. Visit here » Japanese Language or English Language.

    ►Is your present house OK? Is it strong enough to endure a great earthquake or flood to be caused by global warming? Barier offers a safe, living space, a multi-functional, elegant and playful space, emphasizing each individual personality. Barier is a soccer ball-shaped house developed by us (international patent pending). A soccer ball with which you played in your childhood gets bigger like a dream ball and appears as a place to live in. It floats on the sea and can be a rescue ship. We believe it will be a gift to those who never give up a dream.◄
  11. Fiberglass IgloosFIBERGLASS IGLOOS   This site is actually called "Mr. Igloo" home of the fiberglass igloo, a very cool idea. They refer to themselves as the "THE MASTERS OF MODULAR IGLOO CONSTRUCTION".

    ►Igloos constructed out of snow, have been used for centuries. The word "Igloo" simply means house or snow house. The igloo shelter is structurally strong and self supporting. For this reason you do not need support poles inside your shelter. This makes for more usable area for sleeping and storage. But unlike "snow" igloos, you can use your fiberglass igloo just about anywhere. Have you ever seen an igloo on a sandy beach? Well, now you could. Your igloo could be set up and used anywhere. It can even be buried to create an emergency underground tornado shelter. Fiberglass igloo shelters are self supporting, which means that there are no poles, or columns in the center. They are easy to heat in the winter, and the white color helps reflect heat in the summer. They are "Modular in Construction" which makes it possible to ship and transport. They could also be made "Air Tight" for use as a chemical bunker. The rugged Fiberglass Igloo will provide you with years of trouble free, reliable comfort.◄
  12. Free Spirit SpheresFREE SPIRIT SPHERES   It is a type of tree house i suppose from British Columbia Canada. Nice website, good pictures.

    ►Welcome to the world of Free Spirit Spheres, set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. We invite you to experience a tree house for adults. . . 16 years and over. (liability considerations). Built on vision and engineering these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. They occupy a truly unique place in the world while providing a habitat for the un-tamed spirit that exists in us all. If it suits your un-tamed spirit you may wish to purchase a sphere or components to build your own. Uses for these spheres are limited only by ones imagination: Healing, meditation, photography, canopy research, leisure and game watching are just some of the things you can do. Spheres, Eve, Eryn and Melody, are available for overnight rental. We are approximately 30km north of Parksville on Vancouver Island along the Inland Island Hwy (#19), near Qualicum Bay. The acreage is on private property close to Horne Lake Caves, Georgia Strait and Mount Washington. Come experience an enchanted coastal rain forest. . . your comfortable, gently swaying, restful sphere awaits. Uses for these durable Spheres are limited only by ones imagination. Healing, meditation, photography, canopy research, bedroom, leisure and game watching are just some of the things you could do. Spheres can be hung from the trees as shown or from any other solid objects like buildings or rock faces. A web of rope is connected to any strong points available. This replaces the foundation of a conventional building. A suspended tree house uses the forest for its foundation. Each sphere has four attachments on top and another four anchor points on the bottom. Each attachment is strong enough to carry the entire sphere and contents.◄
  13. RELAX SHACKS   Even though this man (Derek Diedricksen) has been building small huts for quite awhile it seems, he has just recently started promoting his creations. He specializes in very small personal huts suitable for one to three people at the most in sleeping areas, but the units he builds look to me to be able to accommodate one person actually living in the hut. He has a lot of good ideas to check out. Diedricksen also hosts the show "Tiny Yellow House"- a web TV program on micro-architecture. He has mentioned that his little huts would be good to use as a shelter for a homeless person or someone about to become homeless. I think he said he has spent about $200 on each hut to bring them to completion - he salvages most of the building material.

    ►In this follow-up episode, Host Derek "Deek" Diedricksen gives a tour of his mini-cabin/house built out of recycled junk (from dumpster diving/repurposing) and curbside materials. with a guitar tease/appearance from Age Against The Machine/Anklelock/Any Given Enemy guitarist Bill Bracken Jr. who appears in the subsequent Tiny Rehearsal Space Episode (#3 with doumbek and cajon solos, van halen, nirvana, journey, and rage tunes galore- acoustically!- coming REAL soon.). Filmed by Steven Sherrick of Obscure Knowledge Productions.◄
  14. Suburban TipiSUBURBAN TIPI   Check out this very neat modern tipi concept developed by John Paananen using modern high tech materials. The idea: "take the fused nomadic home designs of the yurt, tipi, and igloo and slip the straitjacket of suburban values, materials, and methods of construction over them". Very interesting result. I placed this item here on this page because it is not really an Indian tipi. Just looks similar in design.

    "Exterior material List: PVC siding, polypropylene fluted sheeting, engineered timber, polycarbonate structured sheeting, foil-foam-foil insulation, plywood, polyethylene sheeting, a whole lot of screws. Interior materials: plastic laminate flooring, concrete fire pit, carpet tiles, hardboard panels, polypropylene fluted sheeting. Dimensions: 18' diameter x 16' tall. The idea: take the fused nomadic home designs of the yurt, tipi, and igloo and slip the straitjacket of suburban values, materials, and methods of construction over them. Want a suburban tipi or something like it? Drop me a line at john [at]"
  15. Refugia Exo Housing Unit REFUGIA   Since that Katrina event i think maybe a number of businesses have sprung up selling their quick assembly housing units in the event of another disaster which might displace a bunch of people. I like these ideas and it would be nice if a person could buy one unit for their own personal use.

    "The Exos are base housing units that make up the foundation of the Reaction housing system. They provide private living and sleeping quarters for a family of four within a climate-controlled environment. An Exo is durable enough to be stored on a long-term basis and flat packs for efficient storage and transportation. Electrical power is delivered via a special connector line that powers each unit's lighting and four wall outlets. The Exo's design allows for numerous configurations to meet any need or deployment condition."
  16. Crooked House THE RUSTIC WAY   These little cabins they build are classified as what? Caricatures? I don't know if they are livable, but they sure do add character to a garden type situation. They build this style shown in the picture at the right in Saunas, Garden sheds, Play Houses, Guest Houses, & Warming Houses.

    ►16 Years of Custom Building. Our eco-friendly way of building helps to keep our environment strong and flourishing. Let your true green shine through with our Reclaimed products. Our custom buildings have multiple uses. They range in size, from 6ft to 12ft deep depending on how you wanna use them. Feel free to call or e-mail for a free quote! All of our products are made with recycled wood. Located In Central Minnesota "The Rustic Way" offers a custom service to create your eco-friendly personal dream in cabinetry, furniture, picture framing, buildings and an assortment of specialty items. All of The Rustic Way's products have the warmth, character and luster created by using wood that has experienced decades of aging; before it was carefully preserved from buildings that date back generations.◄
  17. Fold Flat ShelterFOLD FLAT SHELTER   This idea is based in the country of Germany and it's creator is a man named "Adrian Lippmann" and it is a very well thought out ingenious shelter. On this linked website you will get to view different perspectives of this shelter and there is also a YouTube video showing animated steps for assembly.

    ►FoldFlatShelters are tent-like but self-supported structures made of light-weight, long-life composite panels for permanent use. Intended for use in disasters, they are weatherproof/fire-resistant and have been developed using foldable elements. Each one comes in relatively small dimensions, resulting in a compact design. Wall or roof parts can be added to the base body as required to adjust the floor area from 8-18qm. Shipped flat, 2 people can fold the panels and set up the shelter in five hours. The form is novel and distinct, therefore it's description is a little involved. The basic structure consists of two interpenetrating truncated pyramids. The upper truncated pyramid is inverted and turned 45 degrees around it's central axis. So the floor area and the roof are both squares of the same size. This forms segmented, triangular wall elements that give the construction great stability. No supports or framework are needed– the shell is self-supporting. My prime motivation is to give a large number of needy people a simple but usable home that combines the advantages of a tent with a lightweight building that can be used in the long term. The inhabitants are surrounded by stable walls and are thus safe from fire, rain, vermin, noise, and in the worst case, shrapnel. The material is also easy to clean to avoid epidemics. Natural and manmade catastrophes are becoming increasingly common, and with them the number of people in need.◄
  18. HARD WALL TENT   This is kind of a short little video of this small, approximately 5ft X 8ft sleeping structure, i say sleeping because that's about all you can do in it is sleep (i personally call these structures "Sleeping Huts"). But that's OK, having a good protected place to sleep is very important in my opinion. In fact, you cannot stand up in this hut unless you're a midget because it has probably no more than 5ft vertical space inside. I wished this video showed more of the structural aspect of the hut while the owner was talking and explaining about this sleeping shelter. He built this unit from discarded recycled lumber and it is very basic, made for warmer type weather with window screen fastened to the sides and a plastic tarp used for the roof. All open areas are screened in to keep the bugs and small critters out, something very important to do in my experience. Using a rigid 2X4 frame is very helpful in case the wind or a strong breeze kicks up which would play havoc with a normal tent lacking this type of support. When not in use a person could probably just cover the entire shelter with a plastic or canvas tarp until next season when the weather warms up.
  19. Meditation DodecahedronMEDITATION DODECAHEDRON   This old popular science "How-to-build" article features a 12-sided dodecahedron, (each face of which is a perfect pentagon; a pentagon i think is a shape in space which has 5 sides all equal in length) used as a "meditation" room. You understand "meditation"? Like a quiet place you go to - to think and be quiet. The finished structure is kind of small, but maybe you can expand the dimensions to make a much larger structure.

    ►The fun, then, in making your personal Meditator, is double: First you create 11 phalanges (only the access panel is left bare), then discover the unexpected cross-referencing when you wrap yourself in the assembled panels. Military Surplus Beyond that, you'll be able to compare responses with your friends. And when you feel you've exhausted the potential of a given assembly, it's easy to paste new pictures over the old. I think you'll be surprised by the new perspectives you'll get toward the world about you, and your own part in it. I'll soon be taking the Meditator with me (knocked down, it fits into a station wagon or sedan) on a college lecture tour as part of my demonstration of design technique. Teachers who have had an advance look at the Meditator feel that with changeable panels - it could be utilized in schools as a teaching environment. A breeze to build. When you go to the lumber yard for the 3/8in plywood, see if they'll saw the 4-by-8 panels in half for you. Four-foot squares are easier to handle. After you've cut all the pentagons as illustrated, clamp them into two groups of six and lay out the 1/4in holes along the edges. To bore these holes accurately, it's best to use an accessory stand with your portable drill. The distance from the edge should match the holes in the corner angles you buy. Spread one of the angles to an accurate 117 degrees, checking with a protractor, then use it as a template for the other 89. Give all wood parts a coat of enamel undercoat. When this is dry and smoothed with fine sandpaper, apply a good semigloss enamel finish to the outside faces and all edges. For a decorative effect, paint adjacent panels contrasting colors and paint the feet to match or contrast.◄
  20. Defense HousePREFAB DEFENSE HOUSE   One person commented that this looks like a grain silo converted into living quarters. That is probably a good idea for someone who has access to one that is no longer being used or maybe they are cheap enough to buy new and can be converted into a home.

    From Blog Modern Mechanix archives:

    ►This radical-looking prefabricated house is one of the many types which have been submitted to the Division of Defense Housing Coordination as a quick, cheap method of housing defense workers. The house weighs only a ton, and can be constructed in six days by one man. While these do look fairly inexpensive, these days we have nice rectangular shipping containers that can be converted to shippable housing much more easily than 24ft culvert pipe can - and the interior space would be more efficiently used.◄
  21. EDAR homeless cart EDAR.ORG   Check out this latest invention for the homeless on Los Angeles streets. A tent cot on wheels. A clever idea. Cost about $500.00 each unit. In experimental state right now. I would like to buy one of these for my own personal use.

    "EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof) is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides unique mobile shelters to those living on the streets all around us. Each EDAR is a four-wheeled mobile unit which carries belongings and facilitates recycling during the day and which unfolds into a special, framed tent-like sleeping enclosure with a bed at night. While respecting permanent and temporary housing for the homeless in group settings which use buildings to provide shelter, EDAR addresses the unrepresented hundreds of thousands of homeless people amongst us for whom no beds are available or who are unable or unwilling to participate in those solutions."
  22. Recover Shelter RECOVER SHELTER   This link connects to the "Yanko Design" newsletter. Here they feature the "Recover Shelter", a shelter which unfolds like an accordion.

    "Giant Accordion Relief. I'd wager if chronic disaster survivors had a choice of where to lodge, they'd choose what's actually called the Recover Shelter. With several components that make it eco-friendly, cheap to produce, easy to transport, reconfigurable, and adaptable to multiple environments, Matthew Malone's design has great potential for emergency situations and beyond. Designed for disaster relief, the Recover Shelter can house a family of four for a month. It can be set up by one person in minutes, collapsed into either of two configurations for transportation (horse-shoe shape or flat), and is made of 100% Coroplast (food grade polypropylene) so there is no harmful out gassing or leaching of chemicals to the environment or the user. The polypropylene makes the Recover Shelter 100% recyclable, the ridges can collect drinking water, and the structure can be covered in local materials for better insulation. A wonderful giant accordion house to for those who are disaster ridden, or a super-hip tent for the super-hip green hipster-camper."
  23. Unifold Disaster Relief UNIFOLD SHELTERS   This business is located in Melbourne, Florida.

    "UniFold concertina folded plastic panel structures are self-supporting and an ideal solution to the universal need for fast, easy, fully enclosed, and affordable structures. UniFold is simply the world's fastest and easiest fully enclosed structure. Period. UniFold shelters outperform tents because they:

    1. Last longer - will not rot or mildew.
    2. Stay drier - will not absorb water.
    3. Keep cooler (or warmer when heated) - with double skinned walls, floor and roof.
    4. Include a non absorbent floor - for long term hygiene.
    5. Resist the most inclement weather - the only unitized folded structure on Earth.
    6. Are livable - with load supporting side walls for organizing personal effects."

  24. IADDIC IADDIC SHELTERS   This organization is based in Texas. They show at least two models of their product. One is pictured here.

    Children's Books "IADDIC Shelters offers innovative shelter solutions for disaster relief and urban renewal application. Did you know that 1.4 billion people in the world this year will go to sleep each night without adequate shelter? Whether due to a natural disaster (such as earthquake, hurricanes, typhoon or tsunami) or economic tragedy or over-population (the kind that produces a slum village, shanty town, favela or other kind of slum), hundreds of millions of people throughout the world do not have adequate shelter. If you're like us, you probably thought when you first heard that statistic "somebody should do something". We're that somebody (or at least one of them). At IADDIC Shelters, our goal is to build shelters for the "houseless" people of the world. But we don't build just any kind of shelter. We build instant shelter units that are better than mere temporary housing. Depending on the configuration options, these portable emergency shelter units ARE NOT just temporary buildings, they're housing. We believe our innovative technology and low cost will allow us to build our shelter structures for 500 million of these "houseless" people. The clock is ticking. And we're already at work solving the problem along with the birth control clinics of the world."
  25. Podville THE POD   This is really neat. I think the website is down or something is wrong. They may be out of business, i don't know. However!!! I am very happy to have found the pictures of these creations that i thought had long gone missing. From what i can gather these are a product of an "Icosa Village Inc." They are actually called "Icosa Village Pods". They were designed to provide temporary housing for homeless people around the world. I think they are were made out of cardboard and plastic. Possibly all that is left of the company that built them is these pictures. The link i have here goes to the website that has stored these pictures for posterity. Thank You.
  26. Campa side view CAMPA USA   My impression is that this is a good quality item - very good roof top system.

    Welcome to Campa USA!
    We are proud to introduce you to a new approach to outdoor adventure and survival. Campa All Terrain Stainless Steel Trailers and Expedition Vehicle Systems enable you to enjoy remote areas in comfort and style for:

    • Off road camping trips.
    • Disaster recovery, response and relief.
    • Hunting and fishing excursions in remote areas.
    • 4x4 adventures.
    • Military operations.
    • Temporary housing and shelter.
    • Highly mobile self-contained systems. That set up in less than 15 minutes!

  27. Precision PyramidsPRECISION PYRAMIDS   Even if you are not a believer these cool frames might be adaptable for other human shelter uses. Possibly could be covered with a tarp or sheet metal or plywood.

    ►Pyr-a-mids! Or that which means in Greek, "Fire-in-the-middle." Pyramids come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, and have been attributed to be able to do many wondrous things from sharpening razor blades (as well as your mind!), to mummifying people and animals, to being the Sacred Chamber where the Initiate enters into to his Final Test in order to realize her True Godhood.◄

    ►Pyramids! Some people claim that it makes their plants grow wild. Others say that it increases their telepathic abilities and out-of-body experiences. Some people use them to preserve food; others, to make a better bottle of wine. Kernels of wheat, over 3000 years old, where found in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid and still grew, a world's record.◄

    I sell high-quality, precision-made meditation pyramids of all different sizes to suit everyone's need. I have been working at this for over four years, making jigs and templates and designs that will create the best meditation pyramids that I can possibly make. Please take a gander through my website. I think you will like what you will see. Location: Possibly Washington State •◄
  28. Tropical TreehouseTROPICAL TREEHOUSE   Probably many of you have seen this website, but here it is again for your future reference. Picture on the right is of their 'Sunset Hooch'. "You've probably never seen such a house as this. The world is full of nice, ordinary little people, who live in nice, ordinary little houses, on the ground. But didn't you ever dream of living in a house in the treetops?".

    ►This is the internet home of our tropical treehouse, a different kind of vacation rental in the lush hills of Rincón, Puerto Rico. Stay here, and never want to leave. Or, stay here, and venture out. The treehouse and Puerto Rico offer a wealth of island ambiance and tropical activities, whatever vacation movie you want to make. Sunsets dominate the experience here, green flashes are a phenomena best seen from a hooch. Come stay in our treehouses, watch the sunset, listen to the coqui frog, and our local Puerto Rican owl. The Luna hooch ($110/ night) & the Sunset hooch ($135/ night) are totally self-sufficient treehouses- solar hot water, shower, kitchenette, flush toilet, and a queen size bed in the penthouse suite- with a killer view. Sweet! Our Tree-Guesthouse is located in the hills of Rincón, Puerto Rico. We are just minutes away from the islands' most exotic beaches. This coastal town is known for its spectacular sunsets, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and humpback whale watching (February - March).◄
  29. Globe House GLOBE HOUSE   Someone could pick up this design and start building globe homes (we'll call them globbers) out of fiberglass using a large round mold to form the outer shell. There are several travel trailers made out of fiberglass (the outer shell) so i am sure it would work for this type of housing. Click on the link to view more specifics about this house.

    ►Only 15 feet in diameter, this low-cost home offers all the conveniences of a larger one. And, it can be delivered by boat, truck or even a helicopter.◄

  30. Wagon StationA-Z WAGON STATIONS   This lady has designed a couple of structures which have great appeal to me. The one shown here is the A-Z Wagon Station, a portable sleeping unit usable almost anywhere.

    ►The prototype for the A-Z Wagon Station is inspired by two different generations of "wagons." The covered wagons used by the original settlers of the West, and the station wagon of the 20th Century which provides just the minimum space needed to create privacy and comfort for its occupants. To date, we have built 18 Wagon Stations which now dot the land surrounding my house at A-Z West, and I have invited friends and collaborators who frequently visit to customize their own personal Stations. The Stations reflect the qualities that I feel create independence for the owner and user: Compactness, adaptability and transportability. Their compact, enclosed shape is durable, can be closed and locked up when not in use, and can be camouflaged to hide in covert locations. Although the Wagon Station doesn't have wheels, it can be partially disassembled and packed into more remote or difficult to reach locations.◄- Andrea Zittel
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